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An annex (i.e. an extension for Zinit – more information) that allows Zinit to clone additional submodules when installing a plugin or snippet. The submodules are then automatically updated on the zinit update … command.

This annex adds submods'' ice to Zinit which has the following syntax:

submods'{user}/{plugin} -> {output directory}; …'

An example command utilizing the annex and its ice:

# Load zsh-autosuggestions plugin via Prezto module: autosuggestions
zinit ice svn submods'zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions -> external'
zinit snippet PZT::modules/autosuggestions



Simply load as a plugin. The following command will install the annex within Zinit:

zinit light zinit-zsh/z-a-submods

After executing this command you can then use the submods'' ice. The command should be placed in ~/.zshrc.