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The wrap-track Ice#

The wrap-track ice-mod allows to extend the tracking (i.e. gathering of report and unload data) of a plugin beyond the moment of sourcing it's main file(s). It works by wrapping the given functions with a tracking-enabling and disabling snippet of code. This is useful especially with prompts, as they very often do their initialization in the first call to their precmd hook function. For example, romkatv/powerlevel10k works this way.

The ice takes a list of function names, with the elements separated by ;:

zinit ice wrap-track"func1;func2;…" …


Therefore, to e.g. load and unload the example powerlevel10k prompt in the fashion of Multiple prompts article, the precmd function of the plugin – called _p9k_precmd (to get the name of the function do echo $precmd_functions after loading a theme) – should be passed to wrap-track'' ice, like so:

# Load when MYPROMPT == 4
zinit ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 4 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 4 ]]' \
            atload'source ~/.p10k.zsh; _p9k_precmd' wrap-track'_p9k_precmd'
zinit load romkatv/powerlevel10k

This way the actions done during the first call to _p9k_precmd() will be normally recorded, which can be viewed in the report of the romkatv/powerlevel10k theme:

~ zplg report romkatv/powerlevel10k:
Report for romkatv/powerlevel10k plugin
Source powerlevel10k.zsh-theme (reporting enabled)
Autoload is-at-least with options -U -z


Note: === Starting to track function: _p9k_precmd ===
Zle -N p9k-orig-zle-line-finish _zsh_highlight_widget_zle-line-finish
Note: a new widget created via zle -N: p9k-orig-zle-line-finish
Zle -N -- zle-line-finish _p9k_wrapper__p9k_zle_line_finish
Autoload vcs_info with options -U -z
Zstyle :vcs_info:* check-for-changes true


Zstyle :vcs_info:* get-revision false
Autoload add-zsh-hook with options -U -z
Zle -F 22 _gitstatus_process_response_POWERLEVEL9K
Autoload _gitstatus_cleanup_15877_0_16212
Zle -N -- zle-line-pre-redraw _p9k_wrapper__p9k_zle_line_pre_redraw
Note: a new widget created via zle -N: zle-line-pre-redraw
Zle -N -- zle-keymap-select _p9k_wrapper__p9k_zle_keymap_select
Note: === Ended tracking function: _p9k_precmd ===

Functions created:
+vi-git-aheadbehind                      +vi-git-remotebranch



As it can be seen, creation of four additional Zle-widgets has been recorded (the Zle -N … lines). They will be properly deleted/restored on the plugin unload with MYPROMPT=3 (for example) and the shell state will be clean, ready to load a new prompt.