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Example Oh My Zsh Setup

Using Turbo mode and for-syntax#

# A.
setopt promptsubst

# B.
zinit wait lucid for \
        OMZL::git.zsh \
  atload"unalias grv" \

PS1="READY >" # provide a simple prompt till the theme loads

# C.
zinit wait'!' lucid for \
    OMZL::prompt_info_functions.zsh \

# D.
zinit wait lucid for \
  atinit"zicompinit; zicdreplay"  \
        zdharma-continuum/fast-syntax-highlighting \
      OMZP::colored-man-pages \
  as"completion" \

A - Most themes use this option.

B - OMZ themes use this library and some other use also the plugin. It provides many aliases – atload'' shows how to disable some of them (e.g.: to use program rgburke/grv).

C - Set OMZ theme. Loaded separately because the theme needs the ! passed to the wait ice to reset the prompt after loading the snippet in Turbo.

D - Some plugins: a) syntax-highlighting, loaded possibly early for a better user experience), b) example functional plugin, c) Docker completion.

Above setup loads everything after prompt, because of preceding wait ice. That is called Turbo mode, it shortens Zsh startup time by 50%-80%, so e.g. instead of 200 ms, it'll be getting your shell started up after 40 ms (!).

It is using the for-syntax, which is a recent addition to Zinit and it's described in detail on this page.

Without using Turbo and for-syntax#

The same setup using the classic syntax and without Turbo mode (prompt will be initially set like in typical, normal setup – you can remove wait only from the theme plugin and its dependencies to have the same effect while still using Turbo for everything remaining):

# A.
setopt promptsubst

# B.
zinit snippet OMZL::git.zsh

# C.
zinit ice atload"unalias grv"
zinit snippet OMZP::git

# D.
zinit for OMZL::prompt_info_functions.zsh OMZT::gnzh

# E.
zinit snippet OMZP::colored-man-pages

# F.
zinit ice as"completion"
zinit snippet OMZP::docker/_docker

# G.
zinit ice atinit"zicompinit; zicdreplay"
zinit light zdharma-continuum/fast-syntax-highlighting

In general, Turbo can be optionally enabled only for a subset of plugins or for all plugins. It needs Zsh >= 5.3.

The Introduction contains more information on Turbo.