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The For-Syntax#


The Introduction covers the classic Zinit invocation syntax, which is:

zinit ice …
zinit load … # or zinit light, zinit snippet

It is a fundamental Zinit syntax. However, a more concise, optimized syntax, called for-syntax, is also available. It is best presented by a real-world example:

zinit as"null" wait"3" lucid for \
    sbin  Fakerr/git-recall \
    sbin  paulirish/git-open \
    sbin  paulirish/git-recent \
    sbin  davidosomething/git-my \
    make"PREFIX=$ZPFX install"  iwata/git-now \
    make"PREFIX=$ZPFX"          tj/git-extras

Above single command installs 6 plugins (Git extension-packages), with the base ices as"null" wait"3" lucid that are common to all of the plugins and 6 plugin-specific add-on ices.

A Few Remarks#

  • The syntax automatically detects if the object is a snippet or a plugin, by checking if the object is an URL, i.e.: if it starts with http*:// or OMZ::, etc.
  • To load a local-file snippet (which will be treaten as a local-directory plugin by default) use the is-snippet ice,
  • To load a plugin in light mode use the light-mode ice.
  • If the plugin name collides with an ice name, precede the plugin name with @, e.g.: @sharkdp/fd (collides with the sh ice, Zinit will take the plugin name as sh"arkdp/fd"), see the next section for an example.


Load a few useful binary (i.e.: binary packages from the GitHub Releases) utils:

zinit as"null" wait"2" lucid from"gh-r" for \
    mv"exa* -> exa" sbin       ogham/exa \
    mv"fd* -> fd" sbin"fd/fd"  @sharkdp/fd \
    sbin"fzf"  junegunn/fzf-bin

Note: sbin'' is an ice added by the z-a-bin-gem-node annex, it provides the command to the command line without altering $PATH. If the name of the command is the same as the name of the plugin, the ice contents can be skipped.

Turbo load some plugins, without any plugin-specific ices:

zinit wait lucid for \
            hlissner/zsh-autopair \

Load two Oh My Zsh files as snippets, in Turbo:

zinit wait lucid for \
                        OMZ::lib/git.zsh \
    atload"unalias grv" OMZ::plugins/git/git.plugin.zsh