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declare-zsh is a parser for zinit commands in .zshrc. It allows to perform the following actions on .zshrc from the command-line:

  • enable and disable selected plugins and snippets,
  • add plugins and snippets,
  • delete plugins and snippets.

In other words, by issuing a declzsh command the user deploys a task of:

  1. Reading and parsing of the ~/.zshrc.

  2. Making changes (like removal of a plugin, i.e. of zinit load {removed-plugin} command together with the possible associated zinit ice … command) and then…

  3. Writing the result back to the zshrc (by default, the result is stored to ~/.zshrc_gen file for safety, but the author wants to emhasize very strongly, that breaking something within the parsed zshrc is nearly impossible and the tool can be safely used with option -o ~/.zshrc which points declzsh to the original zshrc as the destination, output file).

Examples & Screenshots#

  1. Example disabling of a plugin via the toggle option -TT – this works because the commands preceded by : are ignored by the shell: screenshot

  2. Example addition of a plugin via the option -AA – in order to also set up ice modifiers enclose them in a preceding square-bracket block, i.e. declzsh -AA '[ wait"1" lucid ] zdharma-continuum/null': screenshot

  3. Example deletion of a plugin via the purge option -PP – the argument is treated as pattern, pass * to delete all plugins and snippets!: screenshot


Multiple actions, i.e. multiple options like -AA, -PP, -DD, etc. are possible in a single declzsh run.

usage screenshot